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Daniel Zuur – Electronic musician, Producer & Live Composer

Daniel has been a staple in the Amsterdam club scene since 2009. His unique sound and organic mixes have earned him a name in the alternative electronic music scene, as his sets have been attributed to being melancholic, dynamic but above all, deeply melodic.

In 2012, the artist earned a nomination for “Best Producer” at Vinylized, the biggest Dutch competition for producers in the scene. Daniel has continued producing and played live at national and international clubs and festivals such as: Kater Holzig (Berlin), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Perron (Rotterdam), Tivoli (Utrecht), Pleinvrees (Amsterdam), Shoeless (Amsterdam), Thuishaven (Amsterdam) and Next Mondays Hangover (Amsterdam).

In the summer of 2013, the producer released the “Tesla EP” with the hit “Never Gonna Break” on Berlin’s renowned label: Katermukke. Further labels on which he has released his work are: Manual Music, Cinematique and on his own label, Zauer Records of which he is owner and founder.

Haunted by the drums and his experience as a drummer in several bands, Daniel has developed an exceptional rhythm and sound that no label will do justice.  Terms such as deep techno or house don’t cover enough ground. The producer composes sets that exist in their own singularity; every single one being an individual story that creates its own atmosphere. Every set is textured by a whole variety of original tracks that he adapts with precise care and proper timing live on stage: dialogues, natural sounds and warm beats, all treated into a highly dynamic and unique set. Consequently, no live set will ever be identical.

Daniel has been working together with other musicians such as singer/songwriter Florian Wolff. Likewise, he is also part of an electronic jam with live musicians and electronic producers. The interaction between his organic electronic sounds and other musical instruments ¬– with elements of jazz, pop and rock – create a unique and strikingly complete entity. The dialogue between every piece and instrument is exciting in the ear of the beholder. In this sense, Daniel is an extraordinary creative, always striving for progressiveness in his work.

"One of the most promising producers of the Netherlands (DJ Isis)"



Track: The Black Keys-Little Black Submarines (Daniel Zuur remix)

Liveset: Daniel Zuur LIVE @ Shoeless 2013

Liveset: Live @ Studio 80, Feb 15, 2013

Track: Delicately

Track: Daniel Zuur & Florian-The New Tide

Track: Reyes (All is One 2010)


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New EP Behind Clouds out on Cinematique

After 2 years of working on these tracks it's time to send them to the world. Here is what Rotterdam based label say about the release:

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"The summer in Europe is approaching and here at Cinematique HQ we are ready for it.

Especially as we feel we have a very 'summerish' EP coming up for you. The Amsterdam based Daniel Zuur returns to Cinematique for only his second full artist EP on the label although we feel Daniel is one of the core members of our family. This ever friendly young man just keeps on rocking dance floors in and outside Holland. His set at the closing party of the infamous Berlin club Kater Holzig is considered as one of the highlights, so was his release on the related label Katermukke.

Now he delivers another beautiful pack of tunes. The title track comes in two versions and both have the potential to be amongst the festival anthems of 2014. Sun is shining, close your eyes, put your hands in the air and let yourself go! The other two tracks will likely make you dance as well as the funk in Daniel's productions simply can not be resisted. When you are called 'one of the most promising producers of the Netherlands' you have a tough job to do, but Daniel Zuur once again shows why he is considered as a very well respected musician."

Get your own copy here at beatport.

Interview Local Rockstars by Overdose.am

On February 15 2013, Studio 80 will host the fourth edition of PRISMA. Among others, local rockstar Daniel Zuur will play a triangular part in this nocturnal celebration of emo-electronica. Theatre professor by day and electronic musician by night, Daniel has been performing live, experimenting with electronic samples and releasing several EPs since 2008.

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Daniel recently started his own label Zauer Records with the promising aim to produce without the limitations of existing musical genres. These recent activities were a perfect chance for me to ask him some questions and finally understand what the real difference is between a live act and a DJ. And of course, to discuss the latest developments in the electronic music scene.

Can you explain what it means to be a live performer?
“In my case it means that I start with producing in my studio. After the recording I “dissect” my samples into different tracks and arrange everything with Ableton. During a live performance, I reconstruct the sample live. I use different gear to tweak the sample, which means that you get a different sound effect every time.”

Can you describe your musical style?
“I prefer characterising my style over putting a label on it. It’s like techno but more melodic, with pushing bass lines and a reasonable amount of vocals, sometimes with singer/songwriter elements. It’s more like a mash up of styles, more complex and diffuse and therefore impossible to classify in one genre.”




How did your style evolve over time?
“Although there is always some continuity, my music is in constant change. I started out in 2008 with live sets mainly based on loops. Later on the sound became more spacey and now the focus shifted to kicking beats. I change because I’m inspired by musical trends, but also changes for pure practical reasons. Nowadays I get booked on later in the night so I have to make sure I have good beats so people can dance.”

I’ve noticed that some DJs get more popular and get booked a lot, while others just seem to fade away. It feels a bit like a Top 40 sometimes. What is your opinion on that?
“Well, it happens. That’s the way it’s always been. Artists become popular because of the way they perform and the way they entertain an audience. A good example is DJ Ici Sans Merci; doesn’t matter at what time he plays, the guy is a guarantee for absolute madness. You know that if you book him you’ll be safe. With a live act, that’s a lot riskier. In theory its possible, but the way you perform is much more dependent on the moment.”

Because of new digital techniques and programmes like Traktor, it has become very easy to mix some tracks and to call yourself a DJ. What do you think of these recent developments and what influence do they have on the local music scene?
“Well it is true that it has become easier to mix tracks together and get a good sound. And with that, the possibility to organize parties and book low cost DJs. The result is a much higher quantity than quality in our scene. On the other hand, it does give young musicians the opportunity to develop their skills. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you use, Traktor or whatever other program, if you’re really talented you will distinguish yourself from the rest.”

Lately there has been greater focus on stage presentation and stage performance. How do you feel about that?
“If your show is good and authentic, it can definitely improve your performance. Live act KiNK for example is a guy so honest and authentic that his charisma and facial expressions add a lot to his performance on stage. Personally, I like to dance a bit while I’m performing but most of the time I’m pretty focused and calm. When I perform together with Florian Wolff, we have much more interaction with the audience. It feels more like a show and so far we’ve always gotten a good responses to it.”

Have you ever felt a pressure to produce new material?
“No I’ve never felt it. I never had a really big hit so there was no pressure to follow up on a previous successes. But I do know that that it can sometimes be hard sometimes to live up to the expectations of your audience. I don’t think I would ever have that with producing because I make music primarily for myself, not for other people. Even when I produce a commercial song, it always has a certain “Daniel Zuur” ring to it.”

PRISMA is in a week. What are your thoughts on the concept?
“I’m really happy with this initiative. It brings new opportunities for Studio 80, they now have a complete different sound to add to their already diverse program. The emphasis is back to the melodic side of techno and that is really my cup of tea. With PRISMA I have the feeling that can do what I like best.”

What kind of plans do you have for the future?
“I just started my new label ZAUER on which I want to create a platform for a more complex sound, especially more deephouse. Before, when I sent out my music I always got positive responses from labels, but it just didn’t seem to fit in their genre. So I thought: “You know what? I’m going to start a label myself!” And so I did. I have big plans, but I’m not going to tell you all the details. And for me personally, I want to make my performance more interesting by integrating more live elements, such as the Korg Wavedrum, to make it even more live.”

Interview by: Laura Inzaurralde Suárez/ www.overdose.am

Zauer Records Commercial

No words, just check out the video!

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New label and EP by Daniel Zuur on Zauer Records

Daniel Zuur presents his new music platform and label Zauer Records by bringing you a prize winning EP (Vinylized).

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New label and EP by Daniel Zuur on Zauer Records

This first release is called ‘Look Up’ and has the typical Daniel Zuur style distinguishing itself by delivering a characteristic sound, structure and melody. Listening to the track, you can hear elements from the early days of house music mixed with the sounds of modern music. The EP is completed with remixes by ‘master of melodies’ Arjuna Schiks and ‘prince of Detroit’, Anonym.

“I can smell a little bit of shit” is the second track from the EP. This is a real four to the floor house track with classic melodies.

‘Look up’ was presented at the Amsterdam Dance Event as the winning track of the Vinylized national dance producers contest. The Amsterdam based producer convinced the crowd and jury with his refreshing track. The jury (Michel de Hey, Estroe, Juan Sanchez and others) was truly amazed by the production quality of Daniel's track. It’s contemporary sound and originality made the difference between this track and the other entries. Curious? Check it out now!
Also available on 12” vinyl.

For a preview of the tracks: check soundcloud.

Buy links:

Juno link


Terry Toner (Electronation, Nachtdivisie): “Well produced and original track with phat sounds. Great groove, contemporary and the bass is magisterial! I can feel it!”

Rakesh Sharma (Anna Agency): “The track is build very well, easy listening production.”

Michel de Hey (Hey Music): “Good atmosphere, cool beats, sweet melodies. Alternation between tough and melodic fit well together. “

Juan Sanchez (Format):  “Nice atmosphere, subtle, modest.”

Claire van der Hall (ClairePR): “Music for professionals! Very nowadays with heavy bass, great production. Not for beginners. “

Rogier van Twuijver (Epiqurus): “Daniel Zuur deserves a price for his daring original sound. I would love to hear a whole album of this. “

Liho (BergWacht): "Nice EP ! Great to have it on vinyl. My favorite "Look up" original !"

Mason: “Very original track!”
Slang (Spring Tube / Movement / Digital Sensation UK | Proton-DI-AH radios): "20 Fingers are back from the 90s? "I Can Smell A Little Bit Of Shit" sounds like some funny shit. Regarding the music  Arjuna Schiks work is pretty good here."

Ille Bitch: "Great first release with wonderful tracks, will play Anonym remix, great track!"

Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music): "Arjuna Schiks remix is my pick. Good luck with the new label!"

Gemma Furbank  (Union Label / Manchesterglobal Radio/ Danceradio.ca): "Yeah man digging Look Up :D Wicked drums and bass. Fab job on the remixes really enjoyed them both."

Qbical (Manual Music): "Arjunas remix is great, "I can smell a little bit of shit" made me laugh so I'll definably play that one! Great start of the new label!"

Unders (Dancefair): "The Anonym remix is the one for me. Real nice to see Daniel's name pop up everywhere though.. this guy is on fire."

Robin de Lange (Cinematique): "Congrats to Daniel once again for winning the Vinylized competition and thumbs up for the new Zauer Records. My picks are the original mix and Arjuna's remix. Cool and original stuff!"

Daniel Mehes (Manual, Wolfskuil, Flow, Dubmetrical): "Look Up original and the Anonym remix are ace! Great stuff ."

Daniel Zuur wins Vinylized 2012 contest

Daniel Zuur wins the Vinylized 2012 national dance producer contest. The Amsterdam based producer convinced the crowd and jury with his track called ‘Look Up’. This was announced during the Friday evening broadcast of Ministry of Beats by Edwin Diergaarde. The jury was amazed by the production quality of Daniel’s track. It’s contemporary sound and originality made the difference when its was  compared to other entries.

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Daniel Zuur wins Vinylized 2012 contest

Vinilyzed was organized for the 8th time by GRAP, an organization supporting Amsterdam pop music. Previous winners include Arjuna Schiks, Sebastien Lintz, Sebastian Sleebos, Quentin van Honk and Phonic Funk. The aim of Vinylized is to offer a platform for dance producers to present themselves to the industry, press and audience.

Daniel Zuur wins the starter package prize. His track and remixes will be mixed and mastered at SAE Institute Amsterdam. Later on the tracks will be pressed on a 12 inch vinyl and the digital version will be distributed through portals such as Beatport and iTunes. Zuur wins a year long of studio hours at SAE Institute Amsterdam as well as a producer package including a MIDI-controller, bag and headphones. Daniel will get the opportunity to showcase his track during several events. The first one will take place on the 30th of August at Club Stereo in Amsterdam. The release will be presented during the ADE Next Vinylized Panel on Saturday the 20th of October.

This year’s jury includes Michel de Hey, Terry Toner (Electronation), Juan Sanchez, Funkerman, Irfan Er (Top Billin’), Sandeep, Edwin Diergaarde (Ministry of Beats), Sasja Kooistra (de Volkskrant), Marnix Bal (Loveland), Tom van Wijk (AIR), Martijn Mischgofsky (Misc Agency), Estroe, Maarten van ’t Veld (Stealth Records), Rakesh Sharma (Anna Agency), Claire van der Hall (Claire PR), Mason en Rogier van Twuijver (Epiqurus).

We are looking forward to welcome Daniel Zuur in our studios. Stay tuned for the mixed and mastered version of ‘Look Up’.

Bron: SAE Institute



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